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About us

We are in sample moving services. As sample movers, we provide specialized transport system to aid effective transportation of samples.

Therefore, we work earnestly and ensures simple packaging with our  Mode of operation that serves our esteemed customers better for optimum satisfaction. This includes Biological Safety, Management of transportation system, and Specimen Security.

Our trained Riders understand the factors that are critical to quality assurance. Time definite, damage- free samples, and reliability is our goal to serving the Lab and health care industries.

We’ll work closely with you to develop customized processes and handling procedures specifically designed to ensure zero defect service.

Our history

LABASSIT  Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Acouns Nigeria Limited was established since 1988. Since its inception, has made a mark of excellence in sample transportation. Our area of specialization covers diverse medical clinics, Hospitals, Laboratories, Organizations, special care centers etc.

Having been Sample movers for over 30 years of experience, no doubt we are capable of addressing  challenges that may occur.

From inception we have work closely with Ministries of Health, medical stores, aid agencies and prime contractors within and abroad. Registered in the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC)  with teams in  France, Korea, and  Africa. LABASSIT  Nigeria Limited is a well trusted and highly experienced company with great knowledge of working in challenging environments.

We are centrally Located in Lagos with our branch office in Abuja to enable effective services.

How we Do Business

How We Do Business

  • Point of contact: Upon receiving your sample moving request, our customer service team calls you to confirm and clarify your request.
  • Laboratory sample items check:Upon confirmation of your sample moving request, we book for inspection for proper analysis of items to be moved.
  • Price bargained: Upon inspection of samples or understanding on the items to be moved , a price is agreed on.
  • Laboratory sample moving: We reach out and move the laboratory samples on the agreed date on time while ensuring turn around time sample is maintained.

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